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    29.01. – 06.03.2022

    Nordseehalle Emden

    The largest temporary ice rink in East Frisia with an ice surface area of 1,100 m²!

    Sid aus Ice Age und Ottifant
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Opening hours of Eiszeit Emden

Monday to Wednesday14.00 to 21.00 o'clock
Thursday14.00 to 23.00 o'clock
Friday14.00 to 22.00 o'clock
Saturday10.00 to 22.00 o'clock
Sunday10.00 to 19.00 o'clock
School classes (Mon to Fri)09.30 to 13.00 o'clock

Special opening

Monday, 31.01.2022 (no schools in the morning)14:00 to 21:00 o'clock
Tuesday, 01.02.202210:00 to 21:00 o'clock

For Groups

Private or company partiesat

Private or company parties
at "Eiszeit Emden”

Celebration on ice? Whether ice skating or ice stock sport – spend an entertaining evening at the ice rink and make your celebration an unforgettable experience. Our combination packages include admission and reserved seats in the dedicated celebration section. Additionally, you can also book ice stock lanes for your party. We are happy to create a personalized quote for food and beverages which you can enjoy exclusively in our celebration area.

You can book now via our booking calendar.

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Children’s birthday package

Children’s birthday package

The ice rink inside the Nordseehalle is a great place for little skaters to skate around and let off steam on and off the ice.

Price per child (from 8 children): 9.50 Euro

Price includes:
  • Admission to the ice rink
  • Skate rental
  • One beverage
  • Up to three hours of skating fun

The child celebrating their birthday enjoys free admission, skates and a drink. In addition, they can look forward to a birthday surprise.

Additionally bookable: ice stock sport lane (25.00 per lane/hour).

Note: You are welcome to bring some wine gummies, a few nibbles and a birthday cake. Beverages are to be purchased exclusively from our catering service. There are also various snack options at the “Winter village”.

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The “Eiszeit” offers

Ice stock sport

Ice stock sport

Ice stock sport is a winter activity with a high fun factor! During the “Eiszeit Emden”, groups can put their ice stock sport skills to test on the rink which now boasts three ice stock sport lanes. Professionals and novices alike are sure to get their money’s worth.

The beauty of ice stock sport is that anyone can take part in the game. You don’t need any special knowledge, skills or equipment. Before the game starts, there is a short briefing and then you go out onto the ice with sturdy shoes. Shoes with heels or spikes are not allowed! The basic idea of the game is to slide the ice stocks as close as possible to the puck. The game is decided not only on the basis of concentration and precision, but also through tactics and enjoyment of the sport. Thus, the best throws of one team can still be ruined thanks to the last throw of the other team.

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A real highlight for all ice stock sport fans is the EZ-Eisstockmasters. No matter if it’s family, colleagues or friends – groups of 4 people can compete for victory with skill, precision and team spirit. Due to its enormous popularity, the maximum number of participating teams is limited. Therefore, make sure you get the chance to participate. Register quickly using this form.

Register now
Schools / Kindergartens

Schools / Kindergartens

At the “Eiszeit Emden” there are reduced admission prices and offers for school classes and kindergarten groups who register with us. The ice rink is reserved exclusively for kindergarten and school children in the morning from Monday to Friday. In order to be able to plan the number of skaters, admission is restricted to those who have registered. Please mail to info@eiszeit-emden.de

Kindergarten children, school students and students pay only 2.00€ /admission. Entrance is free for up to 4 accompanying adults! Helmets and gloves are compulsory on the ice rink. Helmets can be rented for a fee at “Eiszeit Emden” (as long as supplies last). Please ensure that skating aids are returned after use.
Ice hockey

Ice hockey

After the public skating hours, an ice hockey rink is also available to during “Eiszeit Emden”. Goals, a few hockey sticks and a puck are also available. After the other visitors go home, it’s goals galore for an hour between Monday and Wednesday from around 9.00 p.m. Register now and get ready to show your skills on the ice with your friends and teammates! (Costs plus admission)

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Ice skating courses

Ice skating courses

For all those who do not feel confident on the blades yet, our skating courses are just the thing. Under the guidance of expert trainers of the RSC Emden, people of all ages can learn how to skate with confidence and grace. Please bring sport gear, gloves and a bicycle helmet if needed.

Ice Skating Courses
(from 4 years upwards)

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Skating courses for beginners
(from 10 years upwards)

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Figure skating course

Figure skating course

Once again, the RSC Emden is offering a figure skating course during “Eiszeit Emden”. The course is aimed at children aged 6 – 16 years who can already stand and skate safely and confidently. During the 5-week course, simple figures will be learned and, depending on the progress, easy jumps will be tried out. At the end of the course, all participants can present what they have learned in the form of a small joint show.

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Ice skating

Ice skating

Inside the Nordseehalle Emden, the largest covered temporary ice rink in East Frisia awaits you. This means 1,100 m² of skating fun in a fantastic setting for young and old.

Ice skating learning aids / walker

Ice skating learning aids / walker

“Fietje”, our ice-skating bear is waiting to help beginners and smallest visitors. This ice-skating bear’s role is to accompany you safely on your first steps on ice.

Please note: Due to the high demand, you might have to plan some waiting time at peak hours. A reservation of the learning aids is not possible.
Rental skates

Rental skates

You don’t have your own skates? No problem! You are more than welcome to borrow a suitable pair of skates from us. We are pleased to say that for the little ones, there are ice skates with double blades available.

Please note: Due to the high demand, you might have to plan some waiting time at peak hours, especially for common shoe sizes. Reservations are not possible
Event highlights during “EISZEIT”

Event highlights during “EISZEIT”

“EISZEIT” is a great place to be even off the ice. Every Thursday evening you can look forward to live music on the stage in our cozy “Winter Village”. Whether you want the full concert experience in front of the stage or skate to the music in the background it is up to you. If you want to combine hot beats to cool skating, celebrate with us and Radio Nordseewelle every Friday with “BeatNight”, an unforgettable disco on the ice – with music surrounding you and skates under your feet. On the weekends, come over and party or meet friends for a morning pint. Treat yourself to exclusive tastings in the celebration area.

All information about the extra events can be found here in our flyer.


Day tickets (Mon - Sun)
Adults5.00 Euro
Children up to 16 years / School students / Students / Severely disabled persons from 70% degree of disability
(Persons registered in the handicapped pass have free entrance)
3.00 Euro
Children / school students / students 4-tickets (personalized)10.00 Euro
Children / school students / students 8-tickets (personalized)18.00 Euro
Adults 4-tickets (personalized)16.00 Euro
Adults 8-tickets (personalized)30.00 Euro
Family ticket (i.e., 2 adults and 2 children)
(each additional child)
12.00 Euro
+ 2.00 Euro
Group ticket (from 8 persons per person)-1.00 Euro
In general, only one discount is granted! If a discount is claimed, this excludes any further reduction or special promotion!
Skate rental (price for 3 hours)
Skates (from size 23 to 50)3.00 Euro
Skates / double skates (from size 22 to 29)1.00 Euro
Walker per hour1.00 Euro
Helmet1.00 Euro
In addition to the rental fee, a personal, substantial deposit must be handed over. This deposit will naturally be returned when the equipment is returned.
Please note: At peak hours you may have to plan some waiting time. This is especially true for common shoe sizes and for the walkers. Reservations are not possible.
Ice skating courses at "Eiszeit Emden”
Skating course beginners
(Cost + admission + skate rental, unless you bring your own skates.)
book now 5.00 Euro plus entrance fee
Ice stock sport
One lane per hour incl. ice stock set (8 ice stock sticks, puck)
(Cost + entrance fee)
book now 25.00 Euro plus entrance fee
ICE HOCKEY (Mon - Wed 21.00 – 22.00)
One rink (10 ice hockey sticks, 2 goals, 1 puck)
(Cost plus admission + skate rental, unless you bring your own skates.)
book now150.00 Euro plus entrance fee

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1. Can one do ice stock sport in rainy weather?

Absolutely. As our ice rink is located inside the Nordseehalle, we are quite unaffected by the weather outside. The ice stock lane and various other rinks are therefore ready to use at any time.

2. When is rink maintenance and how long does it last?

As a rule, rink maintenance takes place as needed. In order to guarantee optimal ice quality, all through the day, the ice master is the person who decides on the exact time of ice maintenance. Depending on how much abrasion there is on the ice, ice maintenance takes about 25 minutes. Usually, rink maintenance is undertaken daily at 13.30 and 17.30.

3. Can one skate even if it’s 20 degrees and sunny weather?

Cooling hoses under the ice surface ensure that you can skate even in warm temperatures. We have been working with energy-saving refrigeration technology for years. Vapour and heat are drawn out of the rink area through the ventilation flaps without energy consumption. LED lamps prevent additional heat build-up.

4. Can skates be sharpened on site?

We have our skate expert “Oltmanns” on site who can give every skate the right profile and who offers a professional sharpening service. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 – 18.00 you can have your skates sharpened for a fee of 15,-€ per pair (figure skates or hockey skates).

5. Is there a possibility to lock my valuables while I use the skating rink?

Yes, this year you will find lockers in the changing area next to the ice rink where you can lock your valuables for a fee of 1€. ATTENTION: This is a usage fee (i.e., not a deposit) that is charged per lock. The vending machine does not change money and does not refund money.

6. I have lost something at the “EISZEIT EMDEN“ in the Nordseehalle. What do I do next?

Lost hats, scarves and gloves can often be found at the lost property section at the cash desk. Since quite a lot accumulates over a period of about 5 weeks, lost property is regularly brought to the office of the Nordseehalle. If you have lost an object of value, please ask the “Eiszeit” team at the cash desk if it was possibly handed in there. No liability is assumed for lost clothing/valuables.

7. How can I borrow an ice walker?

Our ice walkers are in very much in demand especially at peak times on weekends. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve the ice walkers in advance. The motto is “first come, first served”. We would like to expressly bring to your notice that it is not permitted to exchange the ice walkers on the ice or to pass them on to other visitors. The ice walkers are to be rented out from the rental desk for a fee of 1.00 euro per hour plus deposit and returned there.

8. Can I also find you on social media?

Yes, we have a Facebook page where we keep our fans up to date with the latest news. You can also find us on Instagram. We look forward to welcoming our visitors!

9. . I have further questions. Can I send you an e-mail?

Of course! You can reach us at info@eiszeit-emden.de

Contact & Directions


Nordseehalle Emden
Früchteburger Weg 17-19
26721 Emden


E-Mail: info@eiszeit-emden.de
Telephone: +49 (0) 49 21-94 00 0
Fax: +49 (0) 49 21-94 00 11


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