Ice stock sport

From: 25,00

Includes 19% MwSt.

During the “Eiszeit Emden” three ice stock sport lanes are at your disposal. You can rent them as well as the necessary accessories during the regular opening hours depending on availability. The beauty of ice stock sport is that anyone can take part in the game. You don’t need any special knowledge, skills or equipment. Participants, please report to the ticket office 15 minutes prior to the reserved time. There will be a short briefing 5 minutes before the start of the game and then you are welcome to go out on the ice with sturdy shoes. Shoes with heels or spikes are not allowed! The basic idea of the game is to slide the ice stocks as close as possible to the puck. The game is decided not only based on concentration and precision, but also through tactics and enjoyment of the sport. Thus, the best throws of one team can still be ruined thanks to the last throw of the other team.

The price is 25.00 € per lane and hour (plus the regular entrance fee).

The handover of the ice stock sticks and a short introduction to the game will take place at the entrance, where the ice stock lanes are located. To ensure an ideal game, per lane, eight players should be divided into two teams. CAUTION – SLIPPERY SURFACE: Please step on the ice only with sturdy shoes. Enter the ice surface area at your own risk.

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